Utilities Maintenance Lead (Well Field) · City of Chandler

Utilities Maintenance Lead (Well Field)

The City of Chandler Public Works & Utilities Department is currently seeking qualified individuals interested in joining our Well Field team as a Utilities Maintenance Lead. Essential functions include:

  • Provides technical guidance to assigned staff, prioritizes and assigns work, trains staff and assures work quality and timely completion of assigned duties; acts as a subject matter expert for employees assigned to a related class; may participate in hiring staff and/or provide input for use in performance evaluations.
  • Oversees and participates in the maintenance of remote water production facilities; communicates remote water facilities information; maintains chemical inventory and orders supplies.
  • Oversees and participates in operating and maintaining treatment equipment including pumps and valves, meters, and injection and pressure systems.
  • Ensures remote water production facilities meet regulatory/permit requirements including submitting weekly compliance reports (i.e., arsenic remote water treatment sites, water quality monitoring stations, Pressure Regulation Valve stations, etc.).
  • Coordinates and assists the maintenance staff with planning and scheduling maintenance jobs at remote water production facilities which include over 50 locations city-wide (i.e., active groundwater wells, reservoir/booster stations, PRV’s, and water quality monitoring stations, etc.).
  • Cross-trains with distribution system and remote facilities operations staff to assist with operations as needed.

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